Causes we care about


Every human within the African continent deserve a fair chance and access to better education. We are a rich continent that can educate every human soul without any challenges. This can only happen when we stretch out our giving hands and start helping each other without considering whom we are, which border we crossing and what colour and race we are.


Let us protect our environment. Let us nurture our children to create a better and inspiring Afrika. Let us share our knowledge around incurable disease to reduce life losses that Afrika encounters.

Science & Technology

Mother Earth is driven by science and technology we cannot blink an eye around that, we need to fold our shirts and educate our children.


We are the majority consumer of every product that other continents can offer, we need to change that illness and start producing our own.

Human abuse

Abuse knows no border, Abuse knows no colour and race, Abuse knows no respect of human values and principles, Abuse knows no gender and Abuse kills. We cannot allow this creature to destroy and kill women, children and disadvantage men.

Let us give without counting!